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TONYMOLY PHA + LHA Apple Peel Zero Pore Ampoule - 100ml

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PHA & LHA ingredients take care of excessively secreted sebum and dead skin cells, and mildly and cleanly remove waste products from pores.
Contains mild seaweed peeling spicule ingredient and tannin complex to help skin keratin care and anti-sebum P to help with sebum care.
It contains apple extract, apple water, pectin, apple juice, and apple seed extract to clean the pores neatly and hold the elasticity of the pores to make the skin smooth like an apple.
Contains naturally derived PHA ingredients found in milk sugar to help remove fine dead skin cells and attract moisture to make the skin moist.
As an ampoule in the form of a high-viscosity, high-viscosity emulsion, it penetrates into the enlarged pores and provides tight and tight skin care.
No artificial fragrances and artificial colors added.

PHA & LHA 成分呵护过度分泌的皮脂和死皮细胞,温和清洁地去除毛孔中的废物。 含有温和的海藻去角质针成分和单宁复合物有助于皮肤角蛋白护理和抗皮脂P有助于皮脂护理。 含有苹果提取物、苹果水、果胶、苹果汁、苹果籽提取物,清洁毛孔,保持毛孔弹性,让肌肤如苹果般光滑。 含有在牛奶中发现的天然衍生的 PHA 成分,有助于去除细小的死皮细胞并吸收水分,使皮肤湿润。 作为高粘度、高粘度乳液形式的安瓿,它渗透到扩大的毛孔中,提供紧致和紧致的皮肤护理。 不添加人工香料和人工色素

[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount of the contents and tap it lightly to absorb it according to the skin texture.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 100ml

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