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Tonymoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Eye Cream 30ml-LIMITED OFFER

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Formulated with 40% fermented Green Tea Extract and other key ingredients such as Niacinamide, our Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Eye Cream penetrates deep into the skin with highly nourishing and anti-oxidant ingredients that help to retain and prolong moisture. OuråŹgel-type texture is soft and melts into the skin upon first contact to hydrate, brighten and lift around the eyes for radiant skin.

Our Chok Chok collection features a special fermented Korean green tea called 'ChungTaeJeon' with over a thousand years of history. 'ChungTaeJeon', the world's first naturally fermented green tea, is fermented through sunlight for over 365 days and provides gentle yet intense moisture and hydration that lasts.

我们的 Chok Chok 绿茶水润眼霜含有 40% 发酵绿茶提取物和烟酰胺等其他关键成分,以高度滋养和抗氧化的成分深入皮肤,有助于保持和延长水分。 OuråŹgel 型质地柔软,在第一次接触时即融入肌肤,滋润、提亮和提拉眼周肌肤,令肌肤焕发光彩。 
我们的 Chok Chok 系列采用一种名为“ChungTaeJeon”的特殊发酵韩国绿茶,具有一千多年的历史。 'ChungTaeJeon' 是世界上第一种天然发酵绿茶,在阳光下发酵超过 365 天,提供温和而持久的水分和水分。


  • Pure Fermented Green Tea Extract - Naturally fermented green tea with high anti-oxidant and moisturizing benefits to skin, much higher than that of fresh green tea. TONYMOLY Global Exclusive.
  • Adenosine - Energizes skin’s surface to look smoother and younger
  • Niacinamide – Works to brighten and revitalize skin.

How to use: 

  1. Apply with ring finger around the eye area.
  2. Pat gently until cream is fully absorbed into skin.

size: 30ml

manufacturing date:2019/09/03 

Duration: 12months after opened.

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