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Tonymoly The Shocking Cara - 7 Types

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-24 Hours curing !
-Personal brush that can be used according to the desired direction
-No worry of smearing with 2 types of proof formulation No! 

  1. Available in 6 types to offer a personalized mascara formula for your lashes.

    #01 Extreme Volume:

    Mega Volume Powder and Bamboo Stem Powder combine to add volume for an intense look.
    The Real Proof Formula provides long-lasting curling effect to keep lashes up all day.

    #02 Extreme Lash:
    3 different kinds of fibers combine to deliver extra length for an intense look.
    The Real Proof Formula provides long-lasting curling effect to keep lashes up all day.

    #03 Milligram Volume:
    Dual Light Powder Complex volumizes your lashes naturally with an airy and non-clumping finish.

    #04 Milligram Lash:
    With a slim curve brush that defines and adds length to every lash for an airy and non-clumping finish.

    #05 Micro Fit:
    A see-through black jelly mascara with a 38-degree micro brush to lift even tiny lashes and produce perfect underlashes.

    #06 Brown Volume:
    A deep brown mascara that naturally curls and volumizes your lashes with a C-curl brush.

          #07 Eyelash Ampoule:

          Recommended to those who are looking to achieve the appearance of longer, thicker               looking lashes overtime.A transparent water-based eyelash ampoule that nourishes                  tired lashes caused by perm and makeup.

-24 小时固化! -可根据所需方向使用的个人画笔 - 不用担心涂抹 
有6 种类型可供选择,为您的睫毛提供个性化的睫毛膏配方。 
#01 极限音量: Mega Volume Powder 和 Bamboo Stem Powder 相结合,增加体积,打造强烈外观。 Real Proof Formula 提供持久的卷曲效果,让睫毛一整天都保持翘翘。 
#02 极限睫毛: 3 种不同类型的纤维相结合,可提供额外长度,打造强烈外观。 Real Proof Formula 提供持久的卷曲效果,让睫毛一整天都保持翘翘。 
#03 毫克体积: Dual Light Powder Complex 让您的睫毛自然丰盈,轻盈且不结块。 
#04 毫克睫毛: 纤细的弧形刷头可定义并增加每根睫毛的长度,打造轻盈不结块的妆效。 
#05 微适合: 一款带有 38 度微刷的透明黑色果冻睫毛膏,即使是纤细的睫毛,也能刷出完美的下睫毛。 
#06 棕色卷: 深棕色睫毛膏,可使用 C 型卷发刷自然卷曲并使睫毛丰盈。 

如何使用: 将魔杖放在睫毛根部,以之字形动作轻轻向上拉

How to use:

Place the wand at the root of your lashes and gently pull upwards with a zig-zag motion 


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