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RAYA OFFER-Tonymoly 2x First Essence (200ML) + 2xR Collangen Booster (120ML) -special bundle

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2x First Essence (200ML)

Enriched with Fermented Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract, patented ingredients, and a potent combination of natural plant extracts, the 2X First Essence brightens, hydrates, and nurtures skin while also acting as the perfect primer to double the effects of the following skincare. The oil capsules of gold collagen encased in natural plant oils replenish skin’s moisture barrier by releasing supercharged hydration and nutrition when burst.

我们的 2X First Essence 是真正的护肤超级英雄。 2X First Essence 采用发酵维生素树果实提取物和专利成分配制而成,是一种智能提升精华,可将您后续护肤的效果加倍。精华液中的微气泡胶原蛋白胶囊能够为肌肤补水、滋养和完美打底,让您后续的护肤品更好地粘附和吸收到肌肤中。所以无论是补水加倍还是活力加倍,我们的精华都会让你的皮肤看起来好两倍! 
富含发酵维生素树果提取物、专利成分和天然植物提取物的强效组合,2X First Essence 可提亮、滋润和滋养肌肤,同时还可作为完美的底漆,使后续护肤品的效果翻倍。包裹在天然植物油中的黄金胶原蛋白油胶囊通过在破裂时释放出超强的水分和营养来补充皮肤的水分屏障。

TONYMOLY 2X® Collagen Booster (120ml)

- Intensive Care : Repairing                    - 重症监护:修复 

- Synergy Effect : Firming                       - 协同效应:紧致 

- Pink Vital Energy : Brightening            - 粉红活力能量:提亮 

The first-step essence doubles the elastic effect of following skin care! Brightening & Wrinkle Care double functional cosmetics  Infused with collagen pink capsules, this boosting serum helps to improve the appearance of skin firmness. Hydrolyzed Collagen and Squalene helps firm, lift, hydrate, and re-energize the skin for an opulent glow. *Skin irritation test completed HOW TO USE 1. After washing the face, dispense an appropriate amount on a cotton pad. 2. Apply on the skin, starting from inside and working outward. 3. In the direction of skin texture, gently tap on the face and fully absorb it to skin ,Contains collagen pink capsules(12,000ppm)

第一步精华让后续护肤的弹力效果翻倍!亮白和抗皱双重功能化妆品 注入胶原蛋白粉胶囊,这款提亮精华液有助于改善皮肤紧致度。水解胶原蛋白和角鲨烯有助于紧致、提升、滋润和重新激发肌肤活力,让肌肤焕发光彩。 *皮肤刺激测试完成 使用方法 1. 洗脸后,取适量于化妆棉上。 2. 涂抹在皮肤上,由内向外涂抹。 3.顺着肌肤纹理方向,轻拍于面部,充分吸收至肌肤

How to use: 

  1. Apply essence on clean face.
  2. Spread evenly and pat gently into the skin.
  3. After essence has been absorbed, follow up with remaining skincare.
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