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RAYA OFFER-TONYMOLY 2X First Light Essence 120ml

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Powerful 2X First Essence is now available in a lighter, refreshing formula with new patented ingredients that help to double the effects of your following skincare. Our 2X First Light Essence is formulated with 84% Marine Return Vita, a combination of five marine plant extracts that work to hydrate, soothe, and nurture weakened skin. The micro bubble collagen capsules in this smart boosting essence perfectly primes and preps the skin to allow for your following skincare products to better adhere and absorb into the skin. So whether it’s double the hydration or double the vitality, our essence will have your skin looking twice as good!

2X First Light Essence is enriched with a patented Marine Return Vita, a combination of five natural marine plant extracts that helps skin look healthy and hydrated. In addition to the marine complex, our smart boosting formula also contains Collagen and an Anti-Sebum Complex of Blue Plankton encased in a micro moisture capsule that helps maintain and healthy skin balance that promotes better skincare absorption and adherence.

智能提升精华均匀轻柔地附着在肌肤上,即使将保湿效果提高一倍,也能打造完美肌肤。 Marine Return Vita™ 富含 5 种植物水分和营养成分,可舒缓敏感肌肤,使肌肤保持湿润和健康。 含有“蓝色浮游生物”和植物抗皮脂复合物的微水分胶囊可调节皮肤平衡,帮助控制皮脂,使皮肤保持湿润、清新和平衡。

packing : 120ml gwp packing


  • Marine Return Vita: 
    • Deep Sea Water – Replenishes skin’s moisture levels Algae Extract – Balances sebum production
    • Marine Collagen – Promotes skin elasticity
    • Hijiki Extract – Conditions skin texture
    • Chlorella Extract – Provides pore care

  • Micro Moisture Capsules:
    • Collagen – Promotes skin-elasticity for youthful skin
    • Blue Plankton – Hydrates and revitalizes skin while also controlling sebum

How to use: 

  1. Apply essence on clean face.
  2. Spread evenly and pat gently into the skin.
  3. After essence has been absorbed, follow up with remaining skincare.

Size: 120ML

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