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TONYMOLY BCDation Ultra Fix SPF30 PA+++ 40g

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Triple functional cosmetic for whitening, wrinkle improvement, and UV protection.
A high-adhesion foundation that maintains makeup for a long time.
An all-in-one foundation with the adhesion of a BB cream, the lightness of a CC cream, and the coverage of a foundation.
The fine particle powder is delicately adhered and perfectly covers even the curved parts, creating a natural and smooth skin.
It adheres thinly and lightly to the skin and does not smear as if a fixer was sprayed.
With a formula that resists oil and moisture, it keeps makeup for 10 hours even in a humid environment
Contains 6 Herb Flower Complex, which is excellent for skin moisturizing and soothing care.

具有美白、改善皱纹、防紫外线的三重功能性化妆品。 可长时间保持妆容的高附着力粉底。 兼具BB霜的附着力、CC霜的轻盈、粉底的遮盖力的一体式粉底。 细颗粒粉末细腻贴合,即使是弯曲部位也能完美覆盖,打造自然光滑的肌肤。 它轻薄地粘附在皮肤上,不会像喷了定影剂一样涂抹。 采用防油防湿配方,即使在潮湿环境下也能保持10小时妆容 含有6种草本花复合物,非常适合皮肤保湿和舒缓护理

[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount, spread it thinly all over the skin, and pat lightly to finish.


#21 Skin Beige
#23 Warm Beige

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 40g (SPF30 PA+++)

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