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RAYA OFFER-TONYMOLY Bio Ex Cell Peptide Essence 40ml

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A premium wrinkle care line targeting anti aging concerns. 

  1. Moisture
  2. Regeneration Care
  3. Expression Line Care.
针对抗衰老问题的优质皱纹护理系列。 1.水分 2.再生护理 3.表情线护理。

Head lining the ingredients;

  • Biomimetic water, skin friendly ingredient that smoothly passes through cell membranes.
  • Criste marine stem cells, living stem cells that promote skin regeneration, anti aging effect and reinforcement of collagen elastin.
  • EGF a nobel prize winning ingredient which promotes skin regeneration
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide- is derived from botulinum. Relaxes muscles by controlling neutrotransmitter stimulants, and is frequently used in molecular structure for quick absorption.
  • Dermatologically tested.

Containing criste-marine stem cell and peptide smoothens out the wrinkled skin.

  • High nourishing wrinkle essence for aging wrinkles and expression lines.
  • High moisture wrinkle essence for immediate dryness care.
  • Soft and rich nourishing essence that normalises dry skin.
  • Truly effective essence containing botulinum-derived peptide for thick expression lines.
  • Wrinkle care and regeneration effect of plant stem cells with living cell membranes that promote skin turnover.

BIO EX CELL PEPTIDE ESSENCE is a highly nourishing wrinkle essence for aging wrinkles and expression lines.

含有criste-marine 干细胞和肽,可以抚平皱纹的皮肤。 高滋养抗皱精华,针对老化皱纹和表情纹。 高保湿抗皱精华,可立即进行干燥护理。 柔软而丰富的滋养精华,使干燥的皮肤恢复正常。 含有肉毒杆菌肽的真正有效精华,可用于粗纹。 具有促进皮肤更新的活细胞膜的植物干细胞的皱纹护理和再生效果。 BIO EX CELL PEPTIDE ESSENCE 是一种高度滋养的抗皱精华,可针对老化皱纹和表情纹。

How to use:

Take an appropriate amount and pat gently to absorb.

Content: 40ml

Duration: 12months after opened.


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