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Tonymoly Floria Brightening Hyaluron Peeling Gel 100ml

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New peeling gel that contains glacial water and 7-fold hyaluronic acid to improve moisture.
A peeling gel that gently removes dead skin cells and impurities, makes the skin clear and clean with 7-fold hyaluronic acid and glacial water, and fills the skin with moisture.
A peeling gel that removes dead skin cells with a firm moisture texture and provides moisture and coolness afterwards.
Containing lotus extract, it takes care of dead skin cells that make the skin dull and mottled, making the skin look transparent and smooth.

[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount and massage it all over your face, then rinse with lukewarm water.
It can be used not only on the face, but also on the elbows and heels where dead skin cells are a concern.

含有冰川水和7倍透明质酸的新型去角质凝胶,可改善水分。 温和去除死皮细胞和杂质的去角质啫喱,以7倍透明质酸和冰川水使肌肤清爽洁净,让肌肤充满水分。 一种去除死皮细胞的去角质凝胶,具有紧致的水分质地,并在之后提供水分和凉爽。 蕴含莲花提取物,呵护使肌肤暗沉、斑驳的死皮细胞,使肌肤看起来通透光滑。 

取适量,按摩全脸,然后用温水冲洗干净。 它不仅可以用在脸上,还可以用在需要死皮细胞的肘部和脚跟上。

- Condition : NEW (2025/03/03)
- Volume : 100ml ( not for sale packing)

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