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RAYA OFFER-TONYMOLY From Ganghwa Pure Artemisia Deep Night Sleeping 100ml-limited offer

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1. A sleeping pack that provides natural comfort with the fragrance of mugwort. 

2. Contains 100% mugwort extract aged 3 years. 

3. Provides clear moisturizing care with moist vitality and cares for the skin's natural texture. 

4. A semi-transparent green gel texture that is full of moisture as if soaking in moisture provides a refreshing hydration, providing a moist and soothing care during the night. 

5. Contains aloe vera leaf extract for a refreshing feel without stickiness while sleeping.

Ganghwa Pur Artemisia extract gel texture supply hydration intensively while sleeping forms moisture shield during night keeping skin moisturized until the morning! Centella extract and hyaluronic acid supply tired skin hydration and soothing care while sleeping. Watery green gel texture supply fresh hydration with moisture! Aloe vera leaf extract gives non sticky fresh use while sleeping. Soothing care mask recommended for even sensitive skin on mask sheet. 

[How to use] At night last step of skin care, apply appropriate amount onto face avoiding eyes and mouth, apply and pat gently for absorption. Wash off next morning.

1. 带有艾草香味的自然舒适睡袋。 
2. 含有100% 3 年陈酿艾蒿提取物。 
3. 提供水润活力的透明保湿护理,呵护肌肤的自然纹理。 
4. 半透明的绿色凝胶质地,充满水分,仿佛浸泡在水分中,提供清爽的水分,在夜间提供湿润和舒缓的护理。 
5. 含有芦荟叶提取物,睡眠时清爽不黏腻。 
Ganghwa Pur Artemisia 提取物凝胶质地在睡眠时密集补水,在夜间形成水分屏障,保持皮肤滋润直到早上!积雪草提取物和透明质酸在睡眠时为疲倦的皮肤提供水分和舒缓护理。水汪汪的绿色凝胶质地,提供新鲜的水分和水分!芦荟叶提取物在睡眠时提供不粘腻的新鲜使用。即使是敏感肌肤,也推荐在面膜纸上使用舒缓护理面膜。 


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