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Tonymoly Houttuynia Cordata Cica Quick Soothing Cleansing Foam 150ml

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#Hypoallergenic #Moisturizing #Sebum Washing

Soothing Cleansing Foam with Exorcism in Houttuynia, Jirisan Mountain

- 2500 hours of fermentation
- Containing the ingredients of the centella asiatica
- Sebum, skin care, and dead skin care

- With the completion of the plant-derived surfactant and skin stability test, sensitive skin can be used without any burden.

The EXO Cica ingredient from Jirisan Eoseong extract, aged and fermented for 2500 hours, provides special soothing care.
7 kinds of Centella ingredients are a unique recipe contained in the EXO Cica formulation, which mildly cares for the skin barrier and soothes and protects the skin from external stimuli.
Contains white willow extract, PHA, witch hazel, allatoin, and hyaluronic acid to take care of all skin concerns, from excessive sebum care to skin hydration.
The skin stability test has been completed using plant-derived surfactants.
Even after washing your face, the firm and creamy texture adheres to the skin with dense and soft bubbles to thoroughly remove makeup residues and skin wastes.
No artificial colors and artificial fragrances added.

来自智异山鱼城提取物的 EXO Cica 成分,经过 2500 小时的陈化和发酵,提供特殊的舒缓护理。
7种积雪草成分是EXO Cica配方中的独特配方,温和呵护肌肤屏障,舒缓和保护肌肤免受外界刺激。
含有白柳提取物、PHA、金缕梅、alatoin 和透明质酸,可解决所有皮肤问题,从过度的皮脂护理到皮肤保湿。

How to Use
When washing your face, take an appropriate amount and make enough foam, then lightly touch your face like a massage, and rinse it clean with lukewarm water.

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