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Tonymoly Propolis Tower Barrier Enriched Cleanser Foam 150ml

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TONYMOLY Propolis Tower Barrier Cleansing Foam is a rich, gentle foam that helps repair your skin's barrier while cleaning your face of dirt, impurities and excess oil. Moreover, this foam softens your skin leaving it more hydrated, nourished and refreshed. On the other hand, it contains some anti-aging properties that help to smooth out fine wrinkles and fine lines.

For this to be possible, this serum contains 83% of Green Propolis extract in its composition, which is the key ingredient in this range of products. This property contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions that help balance, heal and soothe all skin types. It is also ideal for skin with acne as it helps to repair the skin quickly. In short, this light serum helps to build a strong barrier against external agents, to hydrate and nourish the skin in depth. This way you end up getting a stronger, repaired appearance with a natural glow

Main Ingredients: Green Propolis, Nectar Honey, Hyeonsam Extract

▶ Product Description

 : The rich whipped foam softens the skin, fills the skin with rich nourishment and moisture, and gives a refreshing finish.

 : By forming micelles of different sizes, it can effectively cleanse various makeup particles and remove dead skin cells.

 : With natural ingredients of coconut and palm oil, it works gently on the skin to moisturize and cleanse at the same time.

How to use When cleansing, take an appropriate amount of this product, lather with a small amount of water, and gently cleanse it as if massaging it on your face, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

TONYMOLY 蜂胶塔屏障洁面泡沫是一种丰富、温和的泡沫,有助于修复肌肤屏障,同时清洁面部污垢、杂质和多余油脂。此外,这种泡沫可以软化您的皮肤,使其更加水润、滋养和清爽。另一方面,它含有一些抗衰老特性,有助于抚平细纹和细纹主要成分:绿蜂胶、花蜜、玄参提取物 
▶ 产品说明  :丰富的搅打泡沫软化肌肤,为肌肤注入丰富的营养和水分,打造清爽妆容。 


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