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RAYA OFFER-TONYMOLY Propolis Tower Barrier Rebalancing Toner -70% dis

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TONYMOLY Propolis Tower Barrier Rebalancing Toner consists of a toner that helps you to rebalance your skin's barrier so that it is repaired, healed, healthier and radiant. Furthermore, this emulsion has anti-aging properties. 

TONYMOLY Propolis Tower Barrier Rebalancing Toner is a fluid toner with the ability to repair and rebalance your skin's barrier and structure. In this way, this product transforms dry, dull and aged skin into something radiant, smooth and with a natural glow. On the other hand, this toner helps to deeply hydrate the skin. Furthermore, the skin feels fresher, lighter, repaired and with less visible signs of age.

For this to be possible, this toner contains in its composition 83% of Green Propolis extract, which is the key ingredient in this range of products. This property contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions that help balance, heal and soothe all skin types. It is also ideal for skin with acne as it helps to repair the skin quickly and effectively. In addition, it also contains Niacinamide, ingredients that are rich in anti-aging and anti-acne properties. In short, this light toner helps balance the skin's barrier leaving it healthier, more hydrated, revitalized and repaired.

  • A rebalancing toner that balances broken skin and makes healthy skin.
  • Anti-wrinkle & whitening functional cosmetics. Contains 83% green propolis.
  • Contains 92% natural ingredients. Using EWG green grade ingredients and natural flavors.
  • The ceramide ingredient makes the skin texture healthy.
  • Panthenol ingredient cares for skin moisturizing barrier.
  • The beta-glutan ingredient strengthens the skin barrier.
TONYMOLY 蜂胶塔屏障再平衡爽肤水由一种爽肤水组成,可帮助您重新平衡皮肤的屏障,使其得到修复、愈合、更健康和容光焕发。此外,该乳液具有抗老化特性。 
TONYMOLY 蜂胶塔屏障再平衡爽肤水是一种液体爽肤水,能够修复和重新平衡皮肤的屏障和结构。通过这种方式,该产品可将干燥、暗沉和老化的皮肤转变为容光焕发、光滑且具有自然光泽的肌肤。另一方面,这款爽肤水有助于深层滋润肌肤。此外,皮肤感觉更清新、更轻盈、更修护,而且岁月痕迹更不明显。 
为此,这款爽肤水的成分中含有 83% 的绿蜂胶提取物,这是该系列产品的关键成分。该特性包含抗菌和抗炎作用,有助于平衡、治愈和舒缓所有皮肤类型。它也是痤疮皮肤的理想选择,因为它有助于快速有效地修复皮肤。此外,它还含有烟酰胺,这种成分具有丰富的抗衰老和抗痤疮特性。简而言之,这种轻盈的爽肤水有助于平衡皮肤的屏障,使其更健康、更水润、焕发活力和修复。 
平衡受损肌肤,打造健康肌肤的再平衡爽肤水。 抗皱美白功能性化妆品。含有 83% 的绿色蜂胶。 含有92%的天然成分。使用 EWG 绿色级成分和天然香料。 神经酰胺成分使皮肤纹理健康。 泛醇成分呵护肌肤保湿屏障。 β-谷聚糖成分可增强皮肤屏障。

How to Use:

  • Take an appropriate amount of the contents, apply gently along the skin texture, and pat gently for absorption.

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