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Four-color eye shadow palette for colorful twinkles and colorful eyes. The wet coating system is coated with powder particles one by one,åŹgiving a moist feeling and excellent adhesion.

Auto-Flake Technology is applied to give a colorful light every time you blink your eyesåŹand you can produce fantastic gloss & sparkle for a long time.

With a transparent base color combination that produces a natural shade, you can produce characteristic clear and sharp color feeling and mellow eye makeup.

How to use:åŹ
1. Apply #1 highlight color with a wide tip and spread thinly and evenly over the entire eyes and the under eye area.
2. Apply the #2 base color from around the eye area to the eyehole area with a wide tip.
3. Apply #3 medium color to the middle of the eyelid with a narrow tip.
4. Using a narrow tip, apply a #4 shade color from the head of your eyes along the line of the double eyelid,åŹand shade from the eye tail of under eye to 1/3.
5. Apply the #1 highlight color to above the pupil on middle of eyelid, under the eyebrow bone, and to the under eyelid once more. This will give you more shiny and gorgeous eyes.

Size: 2.7g

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