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Tonymoly The Tea Tree No-wash Cleansing Water

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This refreshing cleansing water removes makeup and skin impurities while also providing soothing relief for oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin. Formulated with 100% pure Tea Tree Extract, our gentle cleansing water purifies and refreshes sensitive, easily-irritated, acne-prone skin with a one-step cleanse by sweeping away makeup and other skin-clogging impurities to prep the skin for the following skincare.

Our Tea Tree-infused cleansing water is the perfect cleansing step for sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts and irritation. Our multi-functional cleansing water can be used as the first step to a double-cleanse routine, or as a one-step cleanser, and even as a toner. Additional skin-soothing natural plant extracts help to soothe skin, control oil, and reduce redness so even the most sensitive skin can feel fully cleansed without feeling tight or dry.


  • Tea Tree Extract – 10,000ppm of 100% pure Tea Tree Extract provides soothing care for sensitive skin.
  • Centella Asiatica, Chameleon Plant Extracts – Soothes, protects, and helps to reduce redness and irritation.
  • 这款清爽的洁面水可去除彩妆和皮肤杂质,同时还能舒缓油性、敏感、易长粉刺的皮肤。我们的温和洁面水采用 100% 纯茶树提取物配制而成,可通过一步清洁去除化妆品和其他堵塞皮肤的杂质,净化和清新敏感、易受刺激、易长粉刺的皮肤,为后续护肤做好准备. 
    主要成分 茶树提取物 – 10,000ppm 的 100% 纯茶树提取物可为敏感肌肤提供舒缓护理。 Centella Asiatica,变色龙植物提取物——舒缓、保护并帮助减少红肿和刺激.

How to Use

  1. Remove the appropriate amount on facial cotton.
  2. Gently wipe the entire face. Remove make-up and waste products neatly.
  3. No separate water cleansing is required, but if you want deep cleansing, finish with a foam cleanser.

Size: 300ml

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