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Tonymoly UV Master Tone Up Sun Cream SPF50 + PA ++++45ml

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TONYMOLY UV Master Tone Up Sun Cream 45ml

Pink tone-up sun cream with calamine - Sun care for both base and base with thin adhesion - A formula that does not look white even if applied several times with a smooth and silky application - Non-toxic, safe to use and less irritating to the skin #SPF40 or higher #Inorganic tea #Moisturizing #UV protection #Skin soothing #Skin tone correction How to use At the last step of skin care, take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over the areas exposed to UV rays.

TONYMOLY UV Master Tone Up 防晒霜 45ml 含有炉甘石的粉红色防晒霜 - 基底层和基底层的防晒护理,附着力较薄 - 即使多次涂抹也不会显得发白的配方,涂抹时如丝般柔滑 - 无毒,使用安全,对皮肤刺激小 #SPF40以上 #无机茶 #保湿 #防紫外线 #舒缓肌肤 #修正肤色 如何使用 在护肤的最后一步,取适量均匀涂抹于受紫外线照射的部位。

1. SPF50 + PA ++++ 

2. UV protection & skin tone correction & triple care 

3. Sun cream that combines base with thin adhesion 

4. A smooth, silky spread that does not lift even if applied several times

 5. Contains calamine, which is excellent for calming irritated skin 

volume : 45ml

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